Google DNS makes the web faster

Every since we moved from Texas and left our beloved Verizon FIOS, I've been trying to find ways to make our web surfing faster. Apparently the good folks at Google spend a lot of time (OK, a lot *more* time) trying to reach the same end.

Google has announced it's free public DNS called… wait for it… Google Public DNS and it is FAST. If you're on a mediocre connection, you should definitely consider swapping your DNS servers for Google's… pronto.

Why would Google do such a thing? Fast internet = more searches = more revenue for Google.

To try out the Google Public DNS, check out these resources.

How to Create a Social Media Safety Net

While I didn't get social media at first, I now know exactly how I can use & benefit from my favorite social media apps – like Twitter, FriendFeed, Tumblr, Soup, BrightKite and others.

(In fairness, much of my social media awakening should be credited to Rob @ Orangejack, Mike McBride, and nf0).

One of the issues that's troubled me over the past two years is the EXTREME decentralization that has been brought about by the rise of great social media websites. It's as if there is no common thread tying all of these social thoughts, musings, and ideas together.

The problem is exacerbated somewhat by the realization that I have no control over the content that I have created. What I have posted to Twitter now lives on Twitter's servers. If Twitter folds (as Pownce did in December), then those digital bits of my life may be lost forever. And that would really suck.

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Et tu, Blingo?

As Pete noted last week, our previously BFFs at Blingo have changed their search provider from good, sweet Google to some gawd-awful mashup of Yahoo, Windows Live and Ask.

The net result is that search results are now a mess. Blingo has sponsored results mixed amongst native results (bad) as well as multiple returns for sites because of the co-mingled engines (really bad). As MichaelGuo says, Blingo's now sucko.

Until Blingo changes its ways and brings back the Google engine, I'm afraid it's sayonara, Blingo.

And this is the part where I talk about Blingo

Seems like it's been… what… three months since I talked about Blingo? Umm, yeah. That would be because I haven't won anything on Blingo in three months.

Which means… I'm do to win! And you are too!

What the hell am I talking about? Blingo is snazzy prize contest run by the Publishers Clearing House group. You use their version of Google, and a certain number of searchers win cool prizes every day. How cool? iTunes gift certificates, Amazon gift certificates, plasma TVs and even cars!!

I must confess, I've been a loyal Blingo searcher every day. Since I'm in the midst of the aforementioned Blingo slump, I thought I would sarch for "blingo plasma" to see if anyone was winning. Sure enough – people are winning 42" plasma tvs. Jeremy won one. And so did Rickey. And Ryan.

But me? No 42" plasma – not so much. Which means… I'm due! And you are too!

If you want to sign up with me and win on Blingo, let's do it!

And here's a few tips on how to put Blingo in your browser so you can search straight from the search bar in Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, or Camino.

New to my dock – Spotlaser

I very rarely add apps to my OS X dock. If it's not something I'm using every day (or roughly every day), then it's not making it to the dock. Well, a new (to me) app has earned a coveted spot on my dock: Spotlaser.

Spotlaser is a free app (donations suggested!) that adds boolean search operators and custom options in a Spotlight-esque interface. It's instantly usable – exceptionally intuitive.

With Spotlaser, you can search for items that match any terms, all terms, or exact phrases. It also supports searching within specific parts of the file (filename, content, metadata, etc.) or for specific types of files, file sizes, and time-based searches (created, modified, etc).

Who? What? When? Where? Spotlaser finds it all. Pretty sweet.

But the pièce de résistance for Spotlaser is the ability to save searches as Smart Folders. In the words of our Guinness friends – BRILLIANT!!!

If it's on a Mac, Spotlaser will find it – plain and simple.

They've put the BLING in Blingo

For more than a year, I've been trying to tell people about Blingo. Why? Because Blingo is a search interface for Google, that wraps the results in an instant win game. The more you search google through the Blingo website, the more opportunities you have to win.

So, what's to win? Well, it used to be an iTunes gift certificate here, an iPod there, or maybe a Visa gift card. But now that Blingo is part of the Publisher's Clearing House family, they've just gone absolutely nuts with the prizes.

Blingo is now giving away Amazon gift certificates, iTunes gift certificates and movie tickets all the way up to $500 cash, $1,000 cash, a 42" Plasma TV, $5,000 cash, and a brand new Ford Mustang. Are you kidding me? That's nuts!

Do people really win? You bet. I've won 11 times. People who have signed up through my link have one 14 times.

So, what do you do? OK, here's what you do:

1) Register with Blingo.
2) Start searching at Blingo.

That's it!

Want more chances to win? Add Blingo to your Internet Explorer, Firefox, AOL, Safari, or Camino browser.

More news on Blingo

Everyone's favorite search and win website, Blingo, has entered a partnership with Publisher's Clearing House. That means bigger prizes, more often. If you use Google, why not switch over to the Blingo interface & win? Duh!

Under the new structure, Blingo will give out 2,022 prizes each month and your first 10 searches each day are eligible to win. For July, Blingo will give out the following:

Instant Win Prizes: 1710 movie tickets valued at or about $10 each; 160 Visa Gift Cards valued at or about $25 each; 80 Visa Gift Cards valued at or about $50 each; 36 Visa Gift Cards valued at or about $100 each; 36 Apple iPod Nano 1GB digital music players valued at or about $150 each.

So, like I said, start using Blingo today & win!