How To: Speed Up Safari Browser in OSX Lion

If Safari is launching slowing or slow to load web pages in OS X Lion, there's an easy (yet not obvious) resolution.

To make Safari launch, load, and browse faster, follow the following tip:

1) In FINDER select GO from the top menu.
2) While the drop down list is displayed, press the ALT / OPTION key
3) You should notice a new item in the drop down menu called LIBRARY
4) Select LIBRARY
5) A new window in the FINDER will open
6) Scroll down and open the folder called CACHES
7) Inside CACHES open the folder named COM.APPLE.SAFARI
9) Locate and delete file called CACHE.DB
10) Close and relaunch Safari.

If you follow this tip, you should notice the Safari browser is MUCH faster to start and load web pages in OSX Lion.

How to Fix AppleTV "Not Authorized" Error

If you own a G1 (first generation) Apple TV, you may have recently encountered an error message on your ATV unit when trying to watch content purchased on your computer, iPhone, iPod, or iPad.

The error, which reads "Your Apple TV is not authorized to play this content.", began appearing for some users when attempting to play movies or tv-shows on the older apple tv's that was purchased on another device.

While Apple has not recognized the error or posted a fix, there is a work-around to resolve the "not authorized" error message.

To resolve the error message, simply purchase any content directly from the Apple TV. (Tip: There are many "free" preview shows that would work great for this!)

Once the newly purchased content is downloaded and played, all of your other purchased tv shows and movies will now play properly.

Keep your passwords safe from Hackers

How long does it take a hacker to guess your password? Less time than you might think.

Length Lowercase + Uppercase + Number & Symbol
6 Characters 10 minutes 10 hours 18 days
7 Characters 4 hours 23 days 4 years
8 Characters 4 days 3 years 463 yearss
9 Characters 4 months 178 years 44,530 yearss

The best way to keep your password safe from hackers is to use numbers & symbols in your password. For example, "password5&" is much more secure than "password", in terms of hackability. Even if you just use a common/proper noun as your password, adding numbers, symbols or uppercase characters (ie "susie74!") can help keep your password from being easily cracked.

For even better passwords, create a sentence that you can easily remember and then combine the first character of each word with a series of numbers or characters.

For example, "Seven dogs ran around the lake & played with 3 geese. Weird!" as a password becomes "7dratl&pw3g.W!".

Remember, the better your password, the safer your data!

How To: Set up multiple FROM addresses in

It's no secret that I really, REALLY prefer Apple's default application in OSX over any other email program; however, there's one feature that I have often missed from Mail – the ability to set up different "from" email addresses, sometimes called "personalities".

For example, I have a Gmail account and my own domain. Sometimes I would prefer to send from my domain email account, while other times I would prefer to have my "From" address represented as Google mail.

As fate would have it, Mail does support sending email from multiple email accounts. Here's how to set it up:

  1. Open Mail and choose Mail > Preferences.
  2. Click Accounts.
  3. Select an account.
  4. Enter all your addresses in the email address field, separated by commas. For example,,,
  5. Close the Preferences window and click Save in the message that appears.

Now when you create a new email, you will be able to select a From address to choose the address you want the email to appear to be from.

How To: Download all tagged Facebook pictures

Facebook makes it very easy for anyone to upload & share pictures, including the option to tag people who appear in the photos. If you're on Facebook, there's a fairly good chance that friends have tagged pictures of you.

So what do you do if those pictures are really good and – for example – you want to download copies to share or make prints? The answer is it's possible, but fairly difficult for many users… until now.

Code wizard Tommy Murphy has created a program for Windows or Mac that quickly downloads all your tagged Facebook photos. The best part? Yep… it's free.

Photograbber works extremely well for quickly downloading all photos in which you're tagged. Simply launch the program, grant it permission to access your tagged photos, and tell Photograbber where to save the files. Boom. (And did I mention that it's free?)

How To: Force Safari to open links in new tab

Are you annoyed when a webpage forces Safari to open links in a new window (ie target="new")? Fear not, because there's a simple fix!

To force Safari to open new web page links in a new tab rather than a new window, cut & paste the following into Terminal:

defaults write TargetedClicksCreateTabs -bool true

Restart Safari and you're set!

Workaround for WordPress Out of Memory Errors when Upgrading

Because of my internet host and the number of plugins I run on my blog, I get an "out of memory" error in WordPress each time I try to automatically upgrade my wordpress install from the admin pages.

Long story short, I run out of available memory because I am using a large amount of memory for the MySQL & PHP processes.

The good news is… there's a real simple work around that will allow you to automatically upgrade your WordPress version with very little effort.

Work Around for WordPress Out of Memory Errors on Upgrade

  • Within WordPress admin, bulk select & disable all plugins.
  • Perform the one click upgrade of your WordPress installation.
  • Return to the plugin page & enable your plugins.

Again, this is just a workaround. Your milage may vary.

Oh… and one more thing. Always backup your WordPress installation before making upgrades. (Too lazy to upgrade? Use this plugin!)

Google DNS makes the web faster

Every since we moved from Texas and left our beloved Verizon FIOS, I've been trying to find ways to make our web surfing faster. Apparently the good folks at Google spend a lot of time (OK, a lot *more* time) trying to reach the same end.

Google has announced it's free public DNS called… wait for it… Google Public DNS and it is FAST. If you're on a mediocre connection, you should definitely consider swapping your DNS servers for Google's… pronto.

Why would Google do such a thing? Fast internet = more searches = more revenue for Google.

To try out the Google Public DNS, check out these resources.

Google Reader "Oops.. an error occurred" messages in Safari

Since upgrading to Snow Leopard and running the most recent, 64-bit version of Safari (Version 4.0.3 (6531.9)), I've been experiencing the most annoying error.

After several minutes using Google Reader in Safari on OSX, I receive an error message: "Oops…an error occurred. Please try again in a few seconds." Once Google Reader resumes, I can browse through content that is currently in view, but selecting any other content results in an empty reader with the error: "The feed being requested cannot be found." message for every single feed item or folder.

Once I sign back in, everything works for a few minutes and then the error returns. And it's very consistent – it happens on the Home, within my feeds (Your Stuff), People You Follow, Trends… you name it.

It's incredibly frustrating and has ruined my user experience in Google Reader. I've tried emptying the browser cache, restarting Safari and even resetting Safari. I've even tried using a secure page (https) instead of the traditional Google Reader URL. None of these have any effect. And it seems I am not alone in experiencing this error.

Google – if you're listening – help before I spork my eyes out!

The good, bad, & ugly of installing Snow Leopard

As most Mac users are aware, the latest OS X operating system release – version 10.6 "Snow Leopard" – is out in the wild and drawing strong initial reviews.

Unlike the previous version's 300 new features, Snow Leopard was introduced to the Mac community with zero new features, but loaded with welcome enhancements reducing the size of the OS and increasing speed for the user experience, including faster startup, shutdown, backups, and page renderings.

If Leopard represented a new path, Snow Leopard is a moving walkway in place of the sidewalk.Snow Leopard takes everything the community loved from 10.5 and makes it snappy.

Here's my two cents from the perspective of wiping my MacBook for a clean install of Snow Leopard:

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