How To: Speed Up Safari Browser in OSX Lion

If Safari is launching slowing or slow to load web pages in OS X Lion, there's an easy (yet not obvious) resolution.

To make Safari launch, load, and browse faster, follow the following tip:

1) In FINDER select GO from the top menu.
2) While the drop down list is displayed, press the ALT / OPTION key
3) You should notice a new item in the drop down menu called LIBRARY
4) Select LIBRARY
5) A new window in the FINDER will open
6) Scroll down and open the folder called CACHES
7) Inside CACHES open the folder named COM.APPLE.SAFARI
9) Locate and delete file called CACHE.DB
10) Close and relaunch Safari.

If you follow this tip, you should notice the Safari browser is MUCH faster to start and load web pages in OSX Lion.

How To: Force Safari to open links in new tab

Are you annoyed when a webpage forces Safari to open links in a new window (ie target="new")? Fear not, because there's a simple fix!

To force Safari to open new web page links in a new tab rather than a new window, cut & paste the following into Terminal:

defaults write TargetedClicksCreateTabs -bool true

Restart Safari and you're set!

1Password jumps the shark

For me and many other Mac users, 1Password is the ideal application. I essentially remember — wait for it — one password… ever. The app takes care of creating secure passwords for every website I visit and remembering them. They even have a companion app for iPhone/iPod that allows me to browse with my passwords when I'm mobile. There's even a secure wallet feature for online purchases. I bought 1Password last year and I've used it every single day without fail. It is, without question, the premiere password creation/logging app available today.

And that's where our story takes a sad turn.
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Browse… Faster

If you've got a bit of a tolerance for beta software and Mac OS X, you've got to check out the latest nightly builds of Webkit – the underpinnings for Safari, Google Chrome, and other browsers.

It's ridiculously fast.

Webkit is still in development — user beware — but I've yet to experience any issues in about a week of HEAVY usage.

If you're up for it, download the latest nightly build of Webkit and also check out Nightshift, which automatically updates your webkit build. (Teh awesome!)

A better Safari with must-have add-ons

Regardless of your particular browser preference, there's no denying that Safari has some great built-in functionality vis-a-vis the core OS X apps. I've always wanted to like Safari, but I never really have. Instead, my browser of choice has always been Camino, with an occasional Firefox window now & then.

In an effort to increase Safari's usability for me, here are a few plugins I've recently adopted.

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Camino 1.5: New, shiny goodness

Version 1.5 of the AWESOME Camino browser is out. Just like past versions, it's Mozilla for Mac.

Some goodies in this new version: feed detection, spell checking, session saving, and improved tabs.

I've been playing with alpha & beta versions of Camino for months. I have to say – this new version is very good. The spell checking is a long overdue feature and the session saving is a God send. What's session saving? If your browser crashes, it remembers all the pages/tabs you were viewing beforehand. (Awesome!)

If you've got a Mac, check out Camino. Give it a week and you'll never put up with Safari again.

And this is the part where I talk about Blingo

Seems like it's been… what… three months since I talked about Blingo? Umm, yeah. That would be because I haven't won anything on Blingo in three months.

Which means… I'm do to win! And you are too!

What the hell am I talking about? Blingo is snazzy prize contest run by the Publishers Clearing House group. You use their version of Google, and a certain number of searchers win cool prizes every day. How cool? iTunes gift certificates, Amazon gift certificates, plasma TVs and even cars!!

I must confess, I've been a loyal Blingo searcher every day. Since I'm in the midst of the aforementioned Blingo slump, I thought I would sarch for "blingo plasma" to see if anyone was winning. Sure enough – people are winning 42" plasma tvs. Jeremy won one. And so did Rickey. And Ryan.

But me? No 42" plasma – not so much. Which means… I'm due! And you are too!

If you want to sign up with me and win on Blingo, let's do it!

And here's a few tips on how to put Blingo in your browser so you can search straight from the search bar in Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, or Camino.

Camino 1.1 goes beta

The beta of Camino 1.1 has been released. I've been using the alpha versions for weeks with no problems, so grab a copy if you're Mac inclined.

If it's even possible, the browser seems even faster, plus great new features like spell-check (finally!), session saving, and plugin blocking.

As always, it's beta – so export your bookmarks as a backup before you install.