Workaround for WordPress Out of Memory Errors when Upgrading

Because of my internet host and the number of plugins I run on my blog, I get an "out of memory" error in WordPress each time I try to automatically upgrade my wordpress install from the admin pages.

Long story short, I run out of available memory because I am using a large amount of memory for the MySQL & PHP processes.

The good news is… there's a real simple work around that will allow you to automatically upgrade your WordPress version with very little effort.

Work Around for WordPress Out of Memory Errors on Upgrade

  • Within WordPress admin, bulk select & disable all plugins.
  • Perform the one click upgrade of your WordPress installation.
  • Return to the plugin page & enable your plugins.

Again, this is just a workaround. Your milage may vary.

Oh… and one more thing. Always backup your WordPress installation before making upgrades. (Too lazy to upgrade? Use this plugin!)

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