Mac client for Amazon S3 file storage?

I feel like I'm tempting the fate of the LazyWeb / Hoosgot gods, but… here goes….

Is anyone familiar with a good Mac OSX client for Amazon S3? I'm using Leopard and trying out Forklift, however, I would prefer some way to treat S3 as a connectable share or server within Finder.

I have found BucketExplorer and JungleDisk, with JungleDisk looking to be more in line with my ideal implementation.

So… what say you, oh Internet brethren??

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4 thoughts on “Mac client for Amazon S3 file storage?”

  1. Yeah, I'm not sure on that. My largest files are about 100MB that I upload. I'm pretty sure I read in one of the last release notes that they made some improvements for large files though.

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