No good neighbors?

I've been spending a lot of time trying to find a new house here in Florida and I've realized something about Florida – there are a lot of homes that don't have fenced yards. Why? I have no idea.

In Texas, almost all the homes in subdivisions have fences. Since we have dogs (and someday, a kiddo), we need to get our fence on. And, as the old saying goes, fences make the best neighbors.

The house hunt continues… fences or no.

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2 thoughts on “No good neighbors?”

  1. You have to take a picture of that for me. I seriously don't understand it. Can you see forever into everyone's back yards? I can't imagine having to share a back yard with Amarillo.

  2. Imagine standing at one end of the street and looking down the row at everyone's backyard. It's crazy. Not a fence for miles! You'll see a few here and there, but not many.

    I guess there's something to be said for giving it an open feel (that, and I'm sure the wood doesn't do well in the Florida humidity), but… seriously, a bunch of those people *NEED* to stay out of sight!

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