And this is the part where I talk about Blingo

Seems like it's been… what… three months since I talked about Blingo? Umm, yeah. That would be because I haven't won anything on Blingo in three months.

Which means… I'm do to win! And you are too!

What the hell am I talking about? Blingo is snazzy prize contest run by the Publishers Clearing House group. You use their version of Google, and a certain number of searchers win cool prizes every day. How cool? iTunes gift certificates, Amazon gift certificates, plasma TVs and even cars!!

I must confess, I've been a loyal Blingo searcher every day. Since I'm in the midst of the aforementioned Blingo slump, I thought I would sarch for "blingo plasma" to see if anyone was winning. Sure enough – people are winning 42" plasma tvs. Jeremy won one. And so did Rickey. And Ryan.

But me? No 42" plasma – not so much. Which means… I'm due! And you are too!

If you want to sign up with me and win on Blingo, let's do it!

And here's a few tips on how to put Blingo in your browser so you can search straight from the search bar in Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, or Camino.

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