Going 365?

I know a few people who have done and/or are doing Project 365, where you take a unique photo everyday for a year. The 365 Group at Flickr has nearly 2,000 members (and that's just one of the 365 groups!) I'm actually thinking about doing it for 2007, but I'd love to have a couple partners in crime.

Who's up for a photo a day in 2007?

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28. December 2006 by Kevin Donahue

Comments (6)

  1. Me too

  2. I've been thinking about doing it, but I don't know. The pressure to be creative would get to me. I'm soooo not creative.

  3. okay….I'm in. I think.

  4. Alright! Lets do it!

  5. Camille, I'm only promising a picture every day – not that it will be creative.