More news on Blingo

Everyone's favorite search and win website, Blingo, has entered a partnership with Publisher's Clearing House. That means bigger prizes, more often. If you use Google, why not switch over to the Blingo interface & win? Duh!

Under the new structure, Blingo will give out 2,022 prizes each month and your first 10 searches each day are eligible to win. For July, Blingo will give out the following:

Instant Win Prizes: 1710 movie tickets valued at or about $10 each; 160 Visa Gift Cards valued at or about $25 each; 80 Visa Gift Cards valued at or about $50 each; 36 Visa Gift Cards valued at or about $100 each; 36 Apple iPod Nano 1GB digital music players valued at or about $150 each.

So, like I said, start using Blingo today & win!

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2 thoughts on “More news on Blingo”

  1. Wait. Your first ten searches? Wasn't the old way better, since you had a chance to win EVERY time you searched? Not like it's gonna make a difference for you, because everybody knows you'll win anyway.

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