Zee appliances are coming

After almost six years, we're finally upgrading from the wholly inadequate, feature-free, old-n-busted TinyFridgetm to a pretty nice stainless-steel model we picked up last week at Sears. They're delivering it tomorrow. The old TinyFridgetm is destined to be the "beer fridge" in the garage.

Anyway, the Uber-Freeze 3000tm will finally bring filtered ice/water on the door to the Donahue family. (Not to mention the tilt freezer door trays that had the missus so excited & the freezer pizza tray that rang my bell.)

And, speaking of on sale at Sears, the delivery truck will be stopping by a few more times this month to drop off a new range and other newness for the lovely Mrs. Donahue. Apparently, once you go stainless – ya gotta upgrade the whole set.

Actually, she has been asking for a new range & dishwasher pretty much since day one in the Mound. I will say this, it should be a far cry better than the 10 year old appliances we inherited at Chez Donahue.

Hey, anything to keep the wife happy now that Brad Pitt is back on the market.

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5 thoughts on “Zee appliances are coming”

  1. I'll take shiny new appliances over Brad Pitt any day. Side note: news of their separation is hardly surprising to those who read In Touch.

  2. Und how bik iss zee eiss-bocks you are replacink mit ziss 736,242 cubick zentimetre bleck hole?

    Cirrusly, 26 cubic feets is a wonkin' big fridge. We went from 19 to 25 a while back and it was like tryin' to fill a cave with food.

    A'course, with the teenragers and tweentagers moochin' around here nowadays, stuff jumps out fastern' I can put it in no matter *how* big it is.

  3. No sheet! I thought the two would last, and I would suspect that appliances would win over Brad Pitt!

    Go Merrin! But the In Touch?

    (Wish I could make google eyes at you!)

  4. I think the old fridge is like 15 or 18. Small. Granted, we're only two people, but Merrin uses a lot of fresh garnish and such when she cooks, so there's always lots of stuff in there. Filling a cave with food, huh, schmed? 🙂

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