Whenever, Wherever

TivoToGo hit the ground running today and –as a DirecTivo owner– I'm a little bummed that it looks so kick ass. Basically, if your Tivo is on your home network then you can transfer recorded shows directly to your computers to view when your on the plane (Camille) or burn to DVD for giving to friends safe-keeping. Granted, the transfers are pretty large so it may be 30-60 minutes to transfer a one-hour show, but the ability to watch 'em wherever (as opposed to just whenever) is awesome!

Here's what I want to know (, Josh): What's the file size & format? In other words, can I watch a program on a Windows Mobile?

5 thoughts on “Whenever, Wherever”

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  2. Yeah, as a DirecTiVo… I mean, DirecTV DVR owner I get kind of bummed that we are missing out on some of the coolest and latest. I want the unit that has a DVD burner installed.

    What would REALLY be cool is if I could just watch a TiVo – dangit – DVR recorded program from ANY set in my house. As it is, I'm shopping for another unit for the master bedroom.

  3. I so wish that I had regular TiVo instead of that hack box through DirecTV. I'd love to be able to download TV shows to my laptop.

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