Football Prep

Just a few weeks before the kickoff of college football season, so there's lots to do:

  • I've spent the last couple weeks playing & replaying FSU's season on Xbox. Still no word yet on when I get to smack down on Pete or Corey, but NCAA Football 2005 is awesome!
  • Downloaded the new 2004 FSU football schedule wallpaper. There's also an EA Sports ACC wallpaper available. (Yes, the lamer conferences are also represented).
  • Uploaded the fight song and screen saver to my cell phone.
  • Spent the better part of two hours driving between malls looking for a new FSU hat. Let me save you the trouble – I think there's one style available in all of the Metroplex. Zip over to Lids, Bill's, or (my fav) Garnet & Gold if you have similar issues.

Last thing to do is grab a couple new shirts and order some Grippos.

For all the latest on college football, check out

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