OJ Simpson – the guy never quits

Someone just emailed me the link and I'm trying to find the video clips, but OJ appeared on the Fox's Greta Van Sustern Show last week. Some "brilliant" comments:

On Kobe:
"In Kobes case, uh, uh, I think every highprofile, and not highprofile athlete, have found themself in a situation like that before. I have certainly in my life, have had girls come to the room, and go back, and come to the room, and walk to, and say no, or say whatever, whatever, whatever, whatever. … You know, they had to, because youd, youd think they were a slut or something. … In my opinion, date rape, and stranger rape, are two different things [LAUGHTER] entirely, you know? … from the way I understand how they did it. You know, any adult, [LAUGHTER] who has had any active sex life, understands that you cant have sex that way without both parties helping out. [LAUGHTER] Its impossible."

OJ's even considered doing a new reality show, a take-off on MTV's Punk'd where victims get "Juiced". It wasn't clear in the interview. I hope that doesn't mean killed. How this guy walks the streets….

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