Friends Finale Spoiler

The new DentonCo, err, Gawker website, Defamer, has the plot spoilers for the Friends finale. (Technically it's the spoiler for the first half of the show, the second half was closed set, apparently.) Friends spoiler or not, I still prefer Gawker's Wonkette or Gizmodo.

Also new at Defamer, Tina Fey's college yearbook photo, news of the Austin-Demi wedding (soon to be seen in ye ol' In Touch Weekly), and a historical look at Matthew McConaughey's hairline. (I just know this site is going in Merrin's bookmarks.)

Sunday Rundown

The last post had a rundown of my week, but let's check to see what everybody else is up to….

Merrin got some great news at work this week and big 'ol fat honking raise. I think that makes four raises for the Donahue family in the last four weeks. (Hope that trend continues!)

I got an Xbox and decided that my brother needs one, too, so we can play online together. Ditto for Josh.

Camille is back in her hottie jeans. Josh is back to work and getting a new Palm Zire. And an Xbox, but we'll discuss that later. Mini lost his belly button cord so it's full on baths from here on out. Cute picture!

Candy is fixated on bicycle seats and their rather unfortunate shape. Well, it's Spring and a girl needs to…cycle, I suppose. 🙂

Shelby's a couple sizes smaller and flaunting it at the mall. What would Lord V say?!

PT needs to check into Itunes for Black Eyed Peas to accompany her cheese entrees. (If loving Velveeta is wrong I don't want to be right, even though it can sit on a shelf for months.)

The RangersGirl could have news on the job front shortly. (fingers crossed)

The Hippie is getting a new position at her job. Cool. And corn fields? That's f'd up.

Anji has decided that she doesn't want to sleep with Britney after all, and she's teaching some China-bound French folk English. Wow.
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Microsoft XboxAfter months and months of actively resisting it's tractor-beam pull, I've finally given in and bought an Xbox. I have but two words to describe it: Holy S! It's definitely all it was cracked up to be and more. The games are outstanding. The graphics are amazing. And the hardware is awesome. So, I will probably be a non-blogger for a few days. Between the tractor and the Xbox, I've got all the toys I can handle.

Now all I have to do is get Senor Cooperiño to join my Xbox revolution and online fraggin' shall commence.