How to upgrade to MovableType 3.0

If you're ready to upgrade your previous verion of MovableType to version 3.0, it's pretty simple. Download the upgrade version of MT 3.0 (there's a full version, also). Next, unzip the distribution and upload all the non-image files in ASCII mode. Upload the images in Binary mode. (Do not select all the files and choose 'Auto' mode, as that generally creates problems.) Set the permissions for all cgi scripts to 755.

If you are currently using MT-Blacklist, remove all of the MT-Blacklist files. MT-Blacklist is not compatible with MovableType 3.0. With the addition of TypeKey, MT-Blacklist is moot, so you must remove those files or you will seriously damage your install.

If you are running MT 2.6 or greater or have an MySQL database running your blog, you need to run an upgrade script. If you're upgrading from MT 2.6 or greater, you only need to run the "mt-upgrade30.cgi" script. SQL users with version MT 2.5+ need to run the "mt-upgrade26.cgi" script. SQL users with version MT 2.2+ need to run "mt-upgrade25.cgi" then run "mt-upgrade26.cgi". Once the upgrades have completed, you need to delete those scripts from your server.

Complete instructions are available on the MovableType Support pages.

Git yer drink on

I don't know how many cities don't allow alcohol sales, but the list got a whole lot shorter this weekend. Having only lived here for 10 years or so, I don't really understand why it's such a big deal to sell beer/wine in town.

My experience has always been that people are going to go buy it wherever you sell it. Sometimes, that means drinking and driving. The farther away you put the alchohol, the more drunk drivers your going to have, right? I know that might be flawed logic, but –seriously– what's the big deal with selling beer?

MT Pricing Fallout

Jason's right – Six Apart does have a right to charge for a great product, but the personal pricing structure is wrong. Jason has 10 blogs and 22 authors. I've got 16 blogs (how in the hell did I end up with 16 blogs?!) and 26 authors (how the hell did I end up with 26 authors?!).

The point is – power personal users aren't going to pay 700+ for their installs. Offer a free verion with limited ability. Offer a personal version that uncapped (I think a lot of people would pay $100 for it, btw – that's the price of … a lot of things in Dallas but let' stick with saying it's for dinner & drinks.)

Tiered pricing for a personal version is a mistake. Hopefully Six Apart will recognize it and make an adjustment soon. With over 490 trackbacks to Mena's announcement, I think they're hearing every side of the issue. Otherwise, that version 2.6 I've got is looking pretty nice for a long time to come.

The ladies of Home Depot

CNN is reporting that Playboy is working to put together a "Ladies of Home Depot" edition. My thoughts on Home Depot are well documented. Even setting aside my bias, I don't ever remember seeing a HD tool slinger that looks remotely like Playboy material. However, if you work at Home Depot and want to try out, Playboy advises,

'send a head shot and a full-body shot, bikini-clad or nude….supply a copy of a government-issued ID proving they are 18 or older, and a recent pay stub…[from] Home Depot.'

Just a thought – those Playboy guys have a rough job, don't they?


On a day like today, it's pretty easy to see that we are definitely living in the Media Matrix. Gone from so many front pages are the stories of an innocent American who was kidnapped and beheaded on video. A story so shocking that it's the number one through number ten search request at Lycos and huge at Yahoo is completely gone from the front of the news papers and most broadcast news. In it's place? More on last week's pictures from an Iraqi prison – a story that the military announced in January. Think about it: Searches about Nick Berg are twelve times more frequent than the next term, Paris Hilton. And nothing on the front pages of the news.

The prison story sickens me – it sickens you. I know that. At the same time, putting women's underwear over a man's head who was arrested for setting roadside bombs seems like child's play compared to kidnapping an innocent man and slicing his head off. (Lucky for us, I guess, are the reassurances from the anti-war crowd that there are no al Queda in Iraq.)

Why? Because the media thinks that the prison questions will help "do in" President Bush. Incredible human tragedy as American are targeted and summarily murdered…not interested because it doesn't politically damage Bush. One of the few exceptions is the Dallas Morning News, which continued with the story and an exceptionally well done editorial.

But the prison story just grows and grows. Forget the fact that newspapers are being exposed for faking abuse photos. Why? Because the correction/apology is never front page news.

Take the red pill, folks. I'm not (completely) insane. I don't know what to make of all this. I'm really just venting. I cannot believe that there are people in our own country who would willingly put our citizens and soldiers in danger just to attack the President.

MovableType 3.0 is here

I was checking the MT website this morning and – lo and behold – MovableType 3.0 is live. After some tinkering and Typekey registration, I was able to download my very own copy. Yeah! There are several different versions: Personal, Commercial (5 users), Commercial (20 users), and –way down at the very bottom of the page — MovableType Free. Of course, the free version has no support, limit of three authors, and limit of three blogs. There is also a developer version, but there aren't a whole lot of details on what that is. (Note: The developer download page has a broken form so far.)
The personal version, if that's your cup of tea, is "special price, must act now, hurry, hurry, hurry" of $69.95. Wow.