Halo and all that that implies

So there is a chance that Chez and I might get to play Halo tonight. He might be free after the wife unit returns and I might get a reprieve from harvesting the hay that I learned is growing in my front yard. Seriously, at this point, one day ain't gonna make a difference. Besides, Merrin is going to an eye appointment tomorrow for new specs & lenses, so she won't even be able to see the grass once they drop up her eyes, right? Right?!

Huge Mac OS X security flaw

Mac users need to take immediate notice: A newly disclosed hole in Mac OS X allows attackers to run scripts simply by loading a web page – regardless of your browser (Safari, IE, Firefox, etc). According to Jay Allen someone can delete every file you have permissions to delete. Jay is following it pretty closely, so Mac users check his site and read the comments for updates.

The easiest fix posted so far is for Mac users to:

  1. Uncheck ("Open "safe" files after download") in "Safari -> Preferences -> General" or disable automatic launch of downloads in your browser of choice.
  2. Do not surf the Internet as a privileged user.
  3. Download MoreInternet from MonekyFood and change your help: protocol.

If Jay says you have to do it now, you have to do it now, people. Do it.

More on that North Korean "train" crash

It's either very interesting or internet hype, but as many as 10 technicians from Syria's CERS institute were killed escorting equipment in the April 22nd train accident in North Korea.

The specialist said the Syrians were accompanying "large equipment" and that the damage from the explosion was greatest in the portion of the train they occupied.

The source said North Korean military personnel with protective suits responded to the scene soon after the explosion and removed material only from the Syrians' section of the train.

Also, Japan's Kyodo News is reporting that the explosion was much larger than North Korea reported, as measured in the US, Japan, and Russia by the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty Organization (CBTO).

the force of April 22's train explosion at the North's Ryonchon Station was about that of an earthquake measuring 3.6 on the Richter scale, which would have required about 800 tons of TNT — about eight times that officially announced by North Korea…. The CTBTO feels that the cause of the explosion may differ from the North's explanation, and noted the explosion might have been caused by highly-explosive materials like military-use fuel going off. Officials at the CTBTO plan to look into the causes of the accident.

If true, sounds like things are about to pick up on the Peninsula again.

via Instapundit


My sister-in-law, Courtney, (mother to me only neice, wife to my only brother, soul sister to my wife) comments on other people's blogs – but not mine. You'll have to excuse me if I'm a little choked up – this is all quite a shock to me. Me thinks that she needs a blog of her own…..