Awww heck!

OK. I'm going to kick myself. You should too. I told myself 100 times to stop and get dog food on the way home from work. But did I listen to me?! No! *Punt*

Fan the flames – kick me!

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6 thoughts on “Awww heck!”

  1. Crap. Am I to assume that they ate scrambled eggs and rice (which, let's face it, you usually feed them when you forget to get dog food and I'm working late).

  2. See, with a dog, you have to solicit revenge upon yourself on their behalf because they'll just forgive you over and over and over. Forget the cat food and they will exact personal revenge.

    They might go into the wild and eat something that disagrees with them and run right back home like Chunderpuss did me.

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