Site Notes and News

Just a quick heads up on the blog. Comments have been a little crazy recently with errors. They all came through and posted, but I did have to clean up my DB a little. Sorry for the errors. I'm sure there will be more down the road, but — such is life.

Some of the more bored studious guests have noted that I added Google Adwords to the Computer Tips & Tricks archives and Weblog archives. Why? Well, I get about 8,000 page views/week in these archives. Might as well make a buck or two, right? My apologies for not disclosing it, I just really didn't think anyone would ever notice care.

Working a half day today and then…well, who knows. Maybe I'll tractor around the yard. Merrin's garage door needs new springs, so maybe I'll wrap up that project as well. I also need to steam clean the carpets. We'll see which of those projects get completed this weekend and in what order.

Ah, the drama of everyday life.

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5 thoughts on “Site Notes and News”

  1. I wondered why you erased my comments.

    I was starting to feel insulted….

    Kidding. Computers- can't live with 'em, well, you know the saying.

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