"Six Feet Under" Talk

My second favorite (Tony, Carm, & kids from The Sopranos are #1, of course) TV family is headed back for season three as Six Feet Under returns next Sunday @ 8p CST on HBO.

I have become so dedicated to the Fishers. Yes, the show has some dark undertones, but at it's core Six Feet Under is basically a family drama. Granted, the truly do put the F-U-N back in dysfunctional, but it's a show about family life nonetheless.

If you're not familiar with Six Feet Under, I'd suggest you hit the website and learn the down-low on the cast/characters, history of the show, and recaps of season one and season two.

Now, let's all be good boys & girls and set our TiVo's for a season pass! See ya back here next Sunday night to recap!

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