Although she doesn't know it right now, I am in the process of transferring Merrin's domain. This will give her a lot more flexibility. The trade off is that her site may not be available to you for a short time. Generally, it is less than 24 hours.

I know she's gonna scream when she reads this, but please remember that I'm doing this for a good reason. Everything is really stressful for you right now. I know that. If you are going to bite my head off, may I kindly request that you put it where I can find it? :tongue

For all you folks jonesing for Merrin's latest posts, there all still there. You can stop by here. The domain should be resolved in a few hours and then everyone can breathe easy.

Just so we're crystal: will be back shortly. In the meantime, Merrin's Blog is mirrored here.

We now return you to your regular programming.

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