Installing Service Pack 1 on pirated Windows XP

I do not condone this. I bought and paid for two versions of WinXP Home and have them installed on our two XP Home systems. 100% Legit.

That being said, a lot of you have pirated copies. And because your are "pirates", a lot of you cannot install the critical SERVICE PACK 1. These instructions from a knowledgeable yet anonymous source should go a long way in helping you.

Best of luck!

UPDATE 7/18/2006 – If you are trying to find the Product Key from your Windows XP CD, here's some info that might help.

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2 thoughts on “Installing Service Pack 1 on pirated Windows XP”

  1. If you're having trouble accessing the site in the link above, be patient. Make a note of it and try again down the road. I think the site is run off a guy's personal computer/server and it may not always be available. Sorry.

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