I'll take "Names" for $1,000

Merrin & I were talking about baby names last night. (NOTE: We are not currently in need of any baby names. Everybody clear?!) We've undertaken this exercise a couple of times in the past and have been…moderately…successful.

The subject came up when I mentioned that I hadn't heard anything from Courtney & Brian as to what names they are considering. (Not that I'm really hacked off that I haven't been given the 411, what with me being the only Uncle on this side of the family!) {{cough}} email me dang-it! {{cough}}

That being said, we are wanting to be in the market for a good baby name in the future. Merrin's got some suggestions and some of them are good. She's not real fond of my suggestions, however, and here in lies the problem. I have a fondness for traditional, family names. Merrin (as you might guess from her name) doesn't mind climbing out on a limb and offering up a more unique name.

So, here's where you come in. See the little "comments" link just below? Good. Now click it and give me some of your name suggestions. Thanks!

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