OK, I've mourned long enough. I now must post something about college football. (Actually, I haven't been mourning, I've basically been working 12+ hour days trying to get acquainted at my new hotel.)

Note: As Todd & Robyn have pointed out, I judge through my own, garnet-colored glasses. I judge on my scale. If you want a less biased opinion, go talk to somebody else. But, without a doubt, if you've followed my poll all year, the BCS won't shock you because I've been telling it like it is all year. Let the debate begin!


Virginia Tech


Ohio State


Rounding out the top ten, in order: Iowa State, Florida State, NC State, Notre Dame, Georgia.

This Weeks Picks (Last week: 9-2)
Iowa State (+9.5) over Oklahoma
Kansas State (-2) over Texas
Air Force (-3) over Notre Dame
Colorado State (+1) over Utah
Oregon (-10) over Arizona State
Bowling Green (-15) over Western Michigan

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