STORM DAMAGE — FSU 20, Louisville 26 (OT)

Five Things I Think I Think About the Game

Storm Damage
The Heaven's opened and even God cried.

  1. Somehow this has to be a sign from above. How else do you explain 2+ inches of rain falling? Florida State fell to Louisville in OT 26-20.
  2. Florida State never should have let Louisville hang around. Even before the game, St. Bobby said the 'Noles couldn't let Louisville hang in until the end.
  3. The FSU defense failed to finish Louisville in the 4th quarter. The Cards went on an 9-play, 82-yard drive to tie the game.
  4. The FSU offense looked miserably in the storm. I didn't expect them to be able to throw the ball very well given the weather, but some of Rix's passes were just dead ducks. He consistently overthrew open receivers and had several balls batted down by the receivers to prevent INTs.
  5. I'm gonna have to have FSU win out the rest of the schedule (including against Miami, Notre Dame, & Florida) and be a huge fan of the following teams: Miami, Florida, Iowa State, West Virginia, and Oregon State.
For all those who have sent me emails saying, "Oh, FSU's out of it," take heed: FSU is not out it. Just wait and see.