I never knew that!

Being sick at home is no fun; however, I did have an opportunity to make some observations that I never would have imagined.

For example, my neighbors cat was on their roof today. I don't know a lot about cats, except that they taste like chicken! Everyone knows I hate cats. But this little knucklehead was actually up on the roof. I guess he was checking the satellite dish or something.

Our mailman's brakes squeak. I could hear him coming down the road. Squeak. Pause. Squeak. Pause. Squeak. Ta-bom (Isn't that the sound the mailbox makes when you close it?). Drive away. Now I'll know to listen for the squeak-ta-bom sound instead of walking out to the mailbox four or five times to check the mail. Also of note, we have a mail "man". Who would have guessed?

And, finally the trash truck comes at about 8:00a. I know this because the distinctive squeak-yell-crash sound that it makes is much different from the mailman's squeak-ta-bom. Apparently the trash men have to yell to the driver as they throw the trash into the truck.

I'm just glad we don't recycle!

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